Driven by clinical workflow, COMS improves resident health and outcomes with real-time, disease-specific assessments combined with clinical oversight and outcome management.

Daylight IQ

  • Patient Assessments
  • Clinical Oversight
  • Reporting


  • Business Intelligence

Censys IQ

  • Facility Marketing


Post Acute Care Continuum
  • Most of all, Daylight IQ has helped us manage and improve our residents’ outcomes at the point of care with defined processes and procedures.

    Kim Cox

    Senior Director of Clinical Services, Health Services Management Group

    Nurses are able to identify variances, whether clinical in nature, or other outliers, on a more timely basis so we can implement appropriate interventions.

    Jennifer Palleschi

    Administrator, Grace Healthcare of Vero Beach
  • Daylight IQ helps our nurses proactively uncover issues with our patients to help them make decisions to improve patient care.

    Nancy Tuders

    VP of Clinical Services, Welcov Healthcare

    I see the value in COMS in a lot of areas, but most of all it brings value to my nurses. Daylight IQ teaches the new graduates how to complete Head to Toe assessments and build their critical thinking skills.

    Debbie Granata

    Director of Nursing, United Methodist Homes
  • Daylight IQ allows us to pick up any innuendos, that may not be as salient as other symptoms, regarding a person’s condition. It allows us to make decisions quickly and to ensure that resident continues to move forward in their care needs.

    Carol McKinley

    VP of Operations, United Methodist Homes

    COMS is a critical component of our Quality of Care initiatives and to building relationships with our Hospital referral partners.

    Ken Lund