How to Make Your Vision a Reality

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In business or personal life, vision is where it all starts. Imagine being 20 years old, living in your parent’s garage and selling your car to follow your vision. This is exactly what Steve Jobs did to create the prototype for Apple 1.

While I am not advocating to sell all of your personal belongings, Steve Jobs had a vision and he was willing to risk everything to achieve it.

Do you have a vision? How do you make your vision a reality?

1. Vision – Create your vision. Where do you want your business or life to go?
2. Realistic Optimism – Recognize reality but have an unwavering belief in your vision.
3. Perseverance – Good or bad, you will face setbacks. Life will throw you curveballs. Look for the lessons in these teachings and persevere. Make adjustments and keep moving.
4. Immerse yourself in your vision – This is your purpose. Surround yourself with people that both believe in your vision and will challenge the status quo. Educate yourself, hear other opinions. Grow.
5. Be patient – So, this may be my least favorite part. When you 100% believe in your vision and are working towards that goal, the last thing you want to do is wait. Sometimes you have to wait. Persevere and keep improving.

My vision for COMS

When my father and I started COMS Interactive, we had a vision of improving the quality of care in the LTPAC market.

1. Vision – We wanted to put nursing homes in a stronger position with payors. That led us into quality. We believed that nursing homes could improve their quality of care and reduce readmissions, all resulting in an increased financial reward.
2. Realistic Optimism – We knew our vision would be hard to execute. We wanted to change an entire industry’s view of quality recognizing the need to shift from reactive care to proactive care. But, the reality was that the financial incentives weren’t there to make them want to make these improvements. However, we knew that our vision was the path for quality care for the future.
3. Perseverance – The road to COMS current success was not a straight line. Most vision is met with skepticism and more people who want to tell you why something won’t work than why it will. We certainly had our challenges along the way. But we found that if your vision has value, you will find enough people who see it and overshadow the ones that don’t.
4. Immerse yourself in your vision – We started as a paper system but knew we needed to become a software company. We aligned like-minded individuals with a background in healthcare who would push us and help us grow. With their help, we became a software company.
5. Be patient – They say an overnight success takes fifteen years. In that case, our vision has become an overnight success! All joking aside, we have continued to evolve to become successful. I mentioned the paper-based transition to software. But, we also had to evolve as a stand-alone system. Today we partner with PointClickCare and American HealthTech to bring the COMS vision to users across the United States.

That vision is what we now call the Better Care Economy.

What is the Better Care Economy?

The Better Care Economy is breaking the mold of the status quo. The Better Care Economy doesn’t settle for anything less than the best. It focuses on strong processes to help nurses succeed in caring for residents.

-Jim Riemenschneider, Founder of COMS