The LTC Story to watch for 2018

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Avoiding re-hospitalizations

This article is right on. While it isn’t new news, re-hospitalizations will continue to be a hot topic. Avoiding (re)hospitalizations to be exact.

The bottom line is that the United States healthcare costs continue to climb with no correlating improvement in quality. The most impactful ways to lower costs are:
• Develop nursing competency
• Proactively pick up more changes in conditions
• Having access to systems to help manage the coordination of care

A focus on avoiding re-hospitalizations will solve many organizational objectives, all while contributing to overall Unites States healthcare costs control. – Jim Riemenschneider

“So, sure, look into the crystal balls out there to speculate about the rest of 2018. But remember, too, that examining the past is also a good way to know the road ahead.
In this case, (re)hospitalizations is it. Knowledge about clinical and business practices that can keep your residents out of the hospital will make you a valued partner and, more likely to be a full-house operator.
What a thrilling story that would be.” – Jams M Berklan

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