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Why Marwood Nursing and Rehab Came Back to COMS in PointClickCare

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We had COMS on our rehab unit for two years. We loved the alerts and changes in conditions we used in COMS, but we couldn’t justify asking our nurses to work in two systems. As a result, we stopped using COMS.

The reason we considered going back to COMS is that it is now integrated directly into the PointClickCare system.

The reason we chose to use COMS again is that it allows us a level of clinical oversight that we didn’t have otherwise.

“Technology can’t replace bedside care, but technology needs to complement bedside care.”

COMS complements bedside nursing by alerting the nurse to subtle changes in conditions based on the documentation. That is cutting-edge for nursing care delivery in skilled nursing organizations in 2018. Our nurses know how important COMS is, and they understand that COMS only works if they use it every day. They also understand that COMS can help them to improve resident care if they are documenting.

The COMS content delivered through PointClickCare allows nursing leaders to take the care information entered into PointClickCare and review it in a formal, easy-to-read manner. At Marwood, we made COMS fit into our nursing oversight. We bought our nurse supervisors computers on wheels so they could access the COMS dashboard to identify where the most critical residents are. Also, the system can alert nursing leaders what residents we need to focus on.

We review this information together at a team meeting every day at 9:00 am. As part of that meeting, we use COMS to make sure there is no skilled documentation missing and check the observations that the nurses are doing. Then, the unit managers can go back to their individual units and focus on those residents who need the most help.

That information allows us to target our resources to certain areas of our building and residents. As a director of nursing, I have managers in each of my units, and the COMS Care Oversight and content is a phenomenal tool to drive our resources to keep residents out of the hospital and to simply identifying potential issues sooner. As an example, with COMS, we can easily track our residents’ temperatures during this particularly challenging flu season. This allows us to focus our energy and resources where they belong: on our residents’ needs.

With COMS built directly into PointClickCare, the COMS content can work with our workflows. This is a really big deal for us. Its absence was the reason we left COMS, and its integration was the reason we came back.

Author: Kim Koester, RN, MSN, Director of Nursing at Marwood Nursing and Rehab

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