Keeping Residents Happy

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How to Keep Residents Happy

What steps has your organization taken to make sure they keep residents happy? How can you keep residents happy overall?

1. Get to know your residents – We make sure we get to know each resident that comes into one of our facilities. We make sure we know their likes and dislikes and we really make sure we understand what they expect from us. We use that information to stay on top of their needs during their stay. We even get to know the families because they are such an important part of the resident’s happiness. This all falls in line with person-centered care. Each resident is an individual person and they deserve to be treated that way.

Think about your favorite restaurant, if you have one. When you walk in the waiter or waitress knows who you are and your typical order. They know you want a coffee with one sugar and cream and no longer need to ask. We want our residents to feel that same way with the level of care we provide and our attentiveness to details. It’s the familiarity that we gain with our residents that makes it a comfortable and happy experience.

2. Multiple touchpoints for the resident – We stay engaged with our residents with multiple touchpoints. We want our care team checking in with each resident, even when there isn’t a problem. This helps to keep the resident happy and can also prevent problems from occurring in the first place. We check in with the resident upon admission, shortly after admission and multiple times throughout their stay, even if they are a long-term resident.

3. Provide entertainment – We provide daily activities for residents, but we also host special activities to further engage residents. We frequently host live music performances, manicure parties, celebrations for various holidays such as a barbecue for the Fourth of July, and much more. We want the resident to experience life like they may have at home, so we try to provide some of those comforts and activities.

4. Accountability – We are rolling out a satisfaction survey this summer for both admissions, discharges, as well as end-of-year surveys. Also, we will analyze the data and feedback in real-time, so we can respond to any concerns in a timely manner.

How does keeping a resident happy fit into the bigger picture of your organization?
A happy resident is a resident that will remain in your facility. When that resident is discharged to home they will tell people about their good experience, which will in-turn bring in more residents in the future. At Aperion Care, we take great strides to ensure our residents feel well-taken care of during their time with us.

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