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COMS stabilizes and improves resident health in Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Working with or without your EMR, the COMS Product Suite is distinctly different, focused on assisting Nurses at the point of care. The COMS Product Suite is driven by 58 best-practice, evidence-based Care Guides. These Care Guides represent over 90% of disease in the elderly and are dynamically applied to each resident. The result is a patient-centered approach to care that provides the framework for a disease management process that results in both improved documentation and improved outcomes.

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COMS Product Suite

Bedside Care


58 Care Guides

Delivers 58 evidence-based, disease-specific care guides.


  • Automated at the bedside
  • Covers all bundles
  • Continuously updated

Resident Assessments

Identifies acute changes in condition and serves as a reference to suggest and help guide clinical intervention.


  • Dynamic Disease-Based Assessment
  • Guided, standardized assessment process
  • Real-time
  • Point of care
  • Prescription Interactions

Care Review

Provides a level of visibility to manage risk, time, and outcomes – from anywhere.


  • Continuous QAPI
  • Enhanced Variance Information
  • Staff Communication
  • Remote Care Management




From regulatory compliance to care management – and everything between.


  • Real-Time Outcome Measures
  • Corporate to Facility Level Metrics
  • QAPI Reporting
  • Nursing Oversight
  • Compliance with Reimbursement Regulations
  • Managed Care




Stand out from the crowd, market your outcomes to your referral sources.


  • Data-Driven Outcomes
  • Customizable Content
  • Automated Delivery
  • Referral Source CRM

Choose Your Role:

Corporate Leadership

Stay competitive and improve referral streams with tools ensuring better care and outcomes.


Easily manage care and review the status of every patient – and outcome – while making sure that every protocol was followed.

Clinical Staff

Patient and diagnosis-specific assessment and communication tools empower nurses to focus on care, not paperwork.

Healthcare Organizations

Providing proven tools, data and best practices to combat hospital readmissions and manage risk across the post-acute continuum.