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From Staffing to Outcomes,
You’re in Complete Control

From tracking the care of every patient to managing costs and staffing, your days couldn’t be busier. You need to be able to make quick, informed decisions all day, every day. With the COMS product suite, you’re provided with the tools to easily review the status of every patient – and outcome – while making sure that every protocol was followed in a timely manner.

Treat High Acuity With Ease

With COMS , you can easily identify higher risk patients while ensuring – and automatically documenting – higher quality care proven to result in better patient outcomes. Designed to standardize and improve care, communication and outcomes, COMS helps everyone from front line nursing staff to the Director of Nursing. COMS gives you the tools to manage large and complex patient loads with ease, including automated outcome reporting for complete patient visibility, guided patient assessments covering more than 35 conditions, and step-by-step interventions based on specific patient situations.

Healthcare Administrators

Risk stratify your patient population

Easily Risk Stratify Your Patient Population

With COMS, you can instantly access real-time reporting showing patients by acuity, abnormal findings, or recent care provided. You’ll always know who your sickest patients are, when to apply interventions – all to ensure they receive the right care at the right time .

Review Care Instantly

COMS provides you with up-to-the-minute care reviews based on quantitative information. Clinical Management can review hard data –- such as observations taken and interventions performed – in real time, enabling you to adjust care or staffing based on actual patient conditions.

Review Care Instantly

Manage Complex Conditions

Manage Complex Conditions. Track Every Outcome

The COMS product suite advances the ability of your nursing staff to manage complex conditions, all while using the same resources you have today. Covering 58 conditions, your team will be alerted to potential issues before they become significant problems. As a result, they can remain focused on providing the highest quality of care. A higher quality of care leads to improved outcomes and helps build census.

Empower Your Team

Equip your nurses with an assessment tool that can guide them through customized, patient-centric assessments. COMS covers over 85% of chronic diseases, allowing your Clinical Staff to focus on providing the best care possible. Feel confident identifying changes in condition in real-time and guidance on how to address the changes.

Empower Your Team

market your facility

Market Your Facility

As your referral sources narrow their networks, utilize the tools of Censys IQ to market your outcomes and stand out from the pack. By equipping your facility with the ability to highlight their successes to hospitals and other referral sources, you gain a competitive edge.

Easy-to-use Reporting

Gain a new level of visibility to patients’ care that will allow you to manage risk – and your time. Easy-to-use reporting shows you exactly who needs care now, what care has been given, and the final outcome. You don’t need to dig through files to prove you provided the best care possible. With COMS, it’s all automatically tracked and available.

Complete Patient Visibility

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