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Healthcare Organizations

The Future of Post-Acute Care

Facing enormous medical and financial risks, payers, providers and networks can now meet the challenges of value-based reimbursement by ensuring that their patients receive the highest quality care. Because it works across the post-acute continuum, COMS helps you manage risk, all while keeping accurate, real-time information for everyone involved.

The Bridge Between EMR and Analytics

Powerful and proven, COMS is the future of managed care. COMS offers the ability to follow a patient  across the post-acute continuum, which is necessary to manage care, outcomes, control costs and select the best partners. From customizable dashboards to real-time reporting, you finally have access to information you need to provide better care while managing your risk.

Healthcare Organizations

Real-Time Patient Visibility

Real-Time Patient Visibility

Organizing and syncing data across nurses, physicians, and healthcare providers, COMS offers real-time dashboards that provide you with patient visibility over the entire episode and the entire continuum. Partners can easily view outcomes, readmissions, conditions – and even mortality – by patient, disease category, referrals and physician. Track or review any patient at any time, helping you manage partners by the actual medical result.

Ensuring the Appropriate Care for Every Patient

With COMS, you’re able to monitor patients and choose the appropriate clinical setting based on their condition. Rather than being reactive or working based on generic averages, COMS allows partners to transfer patients to the medically – and financially – appropriate care by focusing on granular clinical data specific to each patient. Gain confidence by making decisions based on patients documented acuity.

Ensuring the Appropriate Care for Every Patient

Identify Outliers

Identify Costly Outliers

By using COMS’ Product Suite, partners can access real-time data to identify potential high-cost outliers by flagging potential issues in real-time, before they become significant problems. Easily access patient information and sort by acuity, condition, or recent care provided.

Ensure Quality Care Across Partners

With best practice-based protocols for over 58 complex conditions, COMS provides guided assessments and clinical interventions for even the most difficult patient scenarios. When combined with real-time reporting documenting the actual care, you can be confident that your partners are providing the right care based on a patient’s actual needs at the right time.

Ensure Quality Care from Partners

Referral Insights

Referral Insights

Feel confident about your referrals. COMS’ Business Intelligence enables you to identify the most effective facilities by location, provider, and diagnosis. This level of insight gives you an edge to identify your best referral partners for each specific case, leading to the best outcomes.

Stand up to Costly Hospital Readmissions

When post-acute facilities get patient care right, everyone wins. By leveraging COMS’ Product Suite, facilities and partners across the post-acute continuum can combat hospital readmissions through a proven set of tools, data, and best practices built into the clinical care system. As a result, they will become your best value-based reimbursement partners.

Reduce hospital readmissions

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